the principle of being joyous 樂 [lè] in the way I live my life has served me well ... the character 樂 has been on my desktop wallpaper for years ... much like for some, a vision board, a subconscious reminder as to how Iife should be. 


樂 is one of those rare chinese characters that has dual pronunciation and definition, it can be pronounced [lè] to mean joyous or [yuè] to mean music.


much like my background in yoga, trained over many years in somachi and vinyasa styled practices, where our breath, mind and physical body are guided by the fluid, rhythmic flow of asanas, 氣 qi (prana) and music!”




adrian has been practicing yoga for over a decade, he practiced with the teachers at somachi yoga and went on to explore vinyasa, ashtanga and bikram styles of yoga. 


in 2012 he completed somachi 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training with lianne metcalf . adrian has also completed prana flow workshops with twee merrigan (2007/08) and simon park (2013, 35 hrs). he also spent another 40 hours in 2013 training with Will Lau (Universal + Jivamukti Yoga).


adrian’s main focus in his yoga teaching is breathwork and the fluidity of the asanas, encouraging his students to gain an awareness of their joints‘ movements as well muscle strength and flexibility. his classes are energetic and joyous, as he encourages his students to flow to the music. 


adrian is passionate about learning and living a holistic lifestyle, and is enjoying being part of the daylesford community.